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 eNTRALYNC is the key to connecting disadvantage communities to emerging energy efficient technologies, understanding the importance of health sustainability, and teaching how energy harvesting can assist in improving their environmental conditions for future generations.

Disadvantage Communities

Disadvantage communities lack the resources that will allow the members of this area to maintain a sustainable lifestyle.  These areas are susceptible to poor air quality, residents are uneducated about advancing technologies, low accessibility to life changing alternatives, and limited healthy options.  The conventional methods of transportation, generating electricity, dining, and maintaining physical fitness affects the quality of life of the citizens in these communities and reduces their lifespan.  eNTRALYNC is striving to mitigate these disadvantages while helping to improve the health conditions of our communities by making energy efficient technologies accessible, renewable resources economical, and educate the past, present, and future generations on the importance of sustainability.

Health Sustainability

In the U.S., black and latino adults are nearly twice as likely as white adults to develop type 2 diabetes and hypertension as a result of unhealthy lifestyles and obesity. This disparity has been rising over the last 30 years.3 As we stand, there are numerous well-researched studies (healthy eating habits and exercise) that can reverse and cure type II diabetes and hypertension. In keeping with our core mission and principle of “sustainability”, we intend to provide activities, educational programs, etc to promote and enhance our most vital commodity “life”. Entralync will provide a collaboration from both social and environmental aspects to overcome obstacles related to the social, environmental, and community determinants of health.

Energy Efficient Technologies

Electric Vehicles (EVs) are important because they assist in reducing carbon emissions that are harmful to the immediate population in these areas.  Disadvantage communities need to be educated on the importance of transitioning from conventional modes of transportation to sustainable means that are beneficial to extending their life span.  EVs, electric scooters, and electric bikes are affordable methods of commuting but the practicality of these technologically advanced resources are not prevalent in these communities.

Energy Harvesting

Energy Harvesting is a means of generating energy, capturing, and storing it for usage independently from your local energy provider.  This can be accomplished by means of solar, wind, batter storage, and piezoelectric which are critical in reducing a person reliance on the electric grid and assist in reducing the electricity demand.  Energy Harvesting is not widespread in disadvantage communities due to the lack of knowledge of its economic feasibility, physical presence, and the importance of these renewable resources on their overall health.  Electricity demand can be high in disadvantage communities since their energy requirements are grid dependent which results in frequent outages

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There are many ways to take action, all of which are key elements to the success of our Sustainability Movement. Have a look at some of the opportunities to get involved below, and get in touch for more information about how you can do your part.

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