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Stay connected with small businesses and under developed urban communities to determine their needs and wants so they can be sustainable in society.


Innovative technology is designed and implemented in areas that can readily afford new products.  Although the digital divide is being reduced with smart phone technology; there is much growth needed in making electrical technology attainable and improving the health in disadvantage communities.  As members of these communities, we witnessed the lack of innovative physical presence, the importance of being physically fit, and didn’t have the resources to bring about change.  Television advertises the latest innovations but does not illustrate how to attain them, which can make them a dream for the less fortunate and a reality for others.  We want to change these disadvantages communities’ mentality of innovative technology being too expensive, educate them on the importance of sustainability, and show them the opportunities that they see or hear about in society can also be achievable in their areas.  It is important to improve their modes of transportation, implement renewable resources, and provide the same resources that are prevalent in affluent communities.  It’s about turning dreams into reality, making the unaware aware, and showing them instead of telling them.

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